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"Your Photo Here" Coaster Set of 4 (Same Photo) Custom Photo Coasters

Tumbled marble coaster

"Your Photo Here" Coaster Set of 4 (Same Photo) Custom Photo Coasters

  • Your photo on a set of four coasters!

    You can choose if marble will show in OPTIONS. 

    There are 4 Options:

    1) Fit Image to Coaster. In this option no marble shows as in the Michigan Vineyard image example.
    2) Marble framing on 2 edges. This would apply if the photo is taken in a way that cropping it would remove critical elements.  As in the Rooster photo example.
    3) Marble framing on 4 edges.  Marble will frame all 4 sides of the image.  This framing will shrink the photo quite a bit.  This could be desirable if it is a close up image and shrinking it will still allow the photo to be enjoyed.
    4) Designer chooses best fit.  In this Option, leave it up to us and we will fit it to the coaster the way it will fit the best. 

    Please note: If the photo is landscape orientation marble will show on top and bottom or sides if it can't be cropped to fill. 

    Please email your best quality photo to

    1 set of 4 of the same photos. If you would like different photos within the set of four there is another Product: "Set of 4 Different Photos" Coasters

    Please allow 5 business days for coasters to ship. Noomoon reserves the right to refund and cancel if the photo does not meet quality requirements.  You must have the rights to the photo. No copyrights or watermarks permitted. 

    Coasters are printed on a 4" x 4" x 0.25" tumbled marble coaster. The coaster features full cork on the back side.

    To clean, wipe gently with a damp cloth. Do not use alcohol based cleaners.



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